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Since 2014 TGEU has been working with 5 ProTrans partners from Eastern Europe and Central Asia on monitoring violence and human rights violations against trans people in this region. The project also has an advocacy part, and the data collected through our monitoring is used to target stakeholders in order to better the human rights situation of trans people. Our project partners have also offered community-based support services for survivors of violence and increased knowledge about possibilities for redress among the transgender community.

In 2016 through the Eastern European Partnership Project (EEPP), trans rights collectives and NGOs joined the group of ProTrans partner organisations, and in addition to monitoring and evidence-based advocacy, they have contributed to the development of campaign materials for the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR) and organised a number of events in their countries.

1072 cases

Country list

  • 10 Armenia
  • 25 Georgia
  • 10 Germany
  • 60 Hungary
  • 4 Kazakhstan
  • 48 Kyrgyzstan
  • 9 Moldova
  • 1 Netherlands
  • 62 Russia
  • 37 Serbia
  • 1 Spain
  • 1 Tajikistan
  • 834 Turkey
  • 10 Ukraine
  • 1 Uzbekistan